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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do you work with?

    • We specialize in functional fitness/Crossfit, weight lifting, runners and combat sports athletes, but have and do work with anyone and everyone who has a body and wants to move it!

  • What is performance and wellness coaching?

    • A dynamic approach that can include a full-body movement assessment, video analysis, works with your full training history and your personal goals to design the perfect plan for you to resolve injuries and maximize your performance.

    • Treatment by a doctor of physical therapy is the front line of the program, which then transitions into: improving mobility, dialing in technique, programming accessory exercises, and incorporating manual therapy and other recovery methods to keep you ready to go and pain free.

    • Wellness services also address the big picture to support your training: improving sleep quality, recovery methods, nutrition (for weight loss, muscle building or athletic fueling) and stress management/mindset.

  • Do you offer personal training?

    • We offer fitness training that includes fitness screening, home/gym programming, regular follow-up sessions, and accountability check-ins. For those who want more, we do offer one-on-one training focused on motivation, accountability, (safely) pushing your performance goals, and correcting technique in real time.

  • What about nutrition?

    • We offer a single cost, two-tiered nutritional service, based on the Precision Nutrition model. The first is focused around creating healthy behaviors, improving body composition (fat/muscle ratio), separating fact and fiction about diets and food, and eliminating any foods that may be adversely affecting your body. The second is more performance driven, including fueling for competition, macronutrient routines, and more specific meal planning.

  • How are sessions structured?

    • Wellness and performance coaching, personal fitness training, treatment of injuries/Physical Therapy, nutrition coaching and  mindset education are all included in a single package, and can all be provided as needed, based on the individual needs of the client. All sessions are 60 minutes, and provided one-on-one with a single provider. Every time.


  • What are "recovery sessions"?

    • Performance training includes recovery services as part of the big picture, but for those who just want to work out the kinks or bounce back from a heavy week of training, we offer recovery-only sessions, focused on manual therapy and modalities to get you feeling better faster. These sessions do not require movement assessment and are typically shorter (30 minutes) to maximize cost benefit. Based on assessment and personal preference, sessions may include:

      • spinal manipulation

      • soft tissue work

      • cupping/myofascial decompression

      • scraping

      • taping

      • and other tools and techniques​

  • Remote Services?

    • We do offer online virtual coaching through Zoom for those who can’t make it to live sessions (or prefer to keep their distance). Just ask!

  • Can you come to me?

    • Coaching may be provided onsite at a client’s gym or home on a case-by-case basis, please contact for further information.

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